About Dedicated Servers

For those who are interested in choosing a server to host a website or webpage, it is important for them to know that there are different types of servers and they include the shared server and the dedicated server. The type of server chosen, however, will depend on the owner’s needs and preferences.

While a shared web server can easily meet the needs and requirements of small companies and individuals, many website owners prefer dedicated servers instead of shared servers due to a variety of different reasons.

Reasons for Choosing a Dedicated Server
Some companies and individuals prefer the dedicated server because they do not want to share their resources with other customers. This means they will have exclusive rights and access to the server’s memory, storage space, and bandwidth. Therefore, other customers will not adversely impact their site’s performance by unusually high rates of traffic during specific timeframes.

Another reason for using a dedicated server is security. Security is one of the highest ranking needs for choosing a dedicated server because of the privacy and confidentiality issues. For instance, many e-commerce businesses house confidential information on each of their customers (i.e. addresses, home phone numbers, cell numbers, credit card information, banking data and host of other personal information) and they want and need this information to be secure. If the server is dedicated instead of shared, less security risks is involved, especially because other customers will not have joint access to their server. The access for a dedicated server can also be customized to fit the organization’s needs.

Having complete control over the server is also another reason for choosing a dedicated server. Complete control involves having root access, which is the type of access that gives the individual or a company the administrator level log on. In these situations the company’s administrator is allowed to do virtually anything to the server including installing third party applications and hosting multiple websites and pages.

Dedicated servers can be preferred by small companies and individuals, specifically when they are expecting their traffic to grow quickly. Which means, by choosing a dedicated server in the initial start-up of a new website company, the owner of the company will not have to choose a dedicated server package at a later date.

Choosing a shared server instead of a dedicated server, however, is not always an option for those who run complex applications. This is because shared servers do not have many of the required complex applications installed on them. This is also one of the downsides to choosing a shared server and why many choose the dedicated server.

Gaming is also one of the main reasons why many may prefer a dedicated server. Due to the large amounts of RAM and CPU power required for gaming applications, a dedicated server is needed and required. By choosing a dedicated server, an Internet company can host different kinds of tournaments online, while they are also handling large amounts of traffic generated by the most popular games.